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February 25, 2021
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Graphic Design tips for small businesses in Perth
April 6, 2021

If you are thinking about putting your business online or boosting your online presence, you must be wondering which web design and digital marketing company to turn up to, right?

Often, businesses decided to go with the well-known larger corporate companies providing these services, and that’s where they make mistakes.

If you are looking for a web design and digital marketing company, then always prefer local companies.

Here are the reasons why you should always choose a local web design and digital marketing company.

Local companies are well versed in the local market.

Local companies are thorough with the local market and demographics, including your targeted audiences and customers.

They know what kind of words to use to attract those local audiences, what type of design to put to make your website more familiar, and how to market your business digitally to up your sales.

For example, if you have a flower shop, a local company can market your business according to different flowers growing in your area, depending on the seasons.

But a company which is not local wouldn’t possibly know what kinds of flowers grow in your area in different seasons.

Also, people working in those local companies are bound to be the people living in that area. So they can put themselves in your audience’s shoes and can curate plans accordingly.

But if you go with a large corporation or national company, you may get a fully customized website with many new digital marketing strategies that you never heard about till now. But they can never understand what your audience wants from you; only the local company can.

You will be able to communicate effectively.

The business environment changes very quickly, so the design and marketing plan you discuss earlier may not work with a changing business environment, and that’s why constant and effective communication is necessary.

With a local company, you can communicate in person whenever you want. You can just set up a meet and talk over a coffee about your vision and how you want things to be moving.

But if you choose a company that is not local, you may never get to talk to each other face to face, and even with several online meetups, you may feel like “something is missing.”

The most important thing to keep in mind is that local companies and you run in the same time zone. 

So if you set a goal of completing a particular task, both you and your agency can start simultaneously and will be able to finish at the same time. 

But with the company which is not in the same timezone, it will be difficult for you to set the goals and complete them on time.

Also, there will be no language barriers that you may face with the overseas company.

They can help you with networking.

Local companies often work with the local businesses so they can help you to establish local connections. 

If you maintain good relationships, they can also introduce you to some business owners who they worked for previously. They can help you with cross-promotion with those businesses.

With big companies, it is not the case. They are there to do the task you are paying for.

If you hire a local company for web design and digital marketing, it is a win-win situation for you.

You can negotiate the price with the local company.

With the big corporation, you have to choose with the budget option they put forward for you. 

But with the local company, you can negotiate with the price and features you want. You can even ask them to allow you to pay in terms.

For example, you can ask your local agency to cut down your social media marketing cost as you can do it independently. 

But you cannot ask corporate companies to cut down your social media costs as most of them have a package system in which you have to choose one whether you want some of those features or not.

You know them personally.

When you hire a local company, there is a very high possibility that you know some of the employees personally, which can give a sense of trust, and you will be able to bond with them quickly.

 You can freely talk to them about any web design and marketing plan you have in your mind, which you might think is right for you.

But with the national company, it’s all business to them. For them, you are just another client.

You can verify their reference and clientele.

As you will be working with a local company, you can personally verify the reference and clients they show you. 

You can ask their clients about the company’s work, and if they get the result, they expected or not.

According to that, you can set up your goals. By checking with their previous clients, you can get a rough idea of the company’s working procedure and execution methods.

But with the big company, it’s not the case. 

They will show you an imposing client list. Some of them might be big names in the industry, but you cannot verify their experience with the company.

Local companies will give you personal attention.

When you hire a local company, you will get a lot of personal attention from them. You will probably get to explain your ideas and goals to the whole team of that company.

If you find there is a delay in delivery, you can directly talk to the company’s head. Or if you find any errors with the design, you can sit with the team responsible for removing the errors.

A local company has fewer clients, so they can change or implement any new methods according to your business model quickly and robustly.

They will provide you with a quick response and support.

For local web design and digital marketing companies, each of their clients is important as your experience will decide whether you are going to refer them to others or not.

Therefore they are always quick to respond and will provide you with the best support.

If you find some designs that are not working for you or some campaign that is not targeting the right audiences, you can tell them, and they will be quick to make changes in them.

With the big corporation, you may not get that quick response, and they will take the time to make changes according to your suggestion.

You are helping your local community.

When you hire a local company, you invest your money and trust with someone in your community. 

You are investing in growing your community. That can go hand in hand. As the local company grows, they can help you to grow your business too.


It is suitable for your business to hire a local web design and digital marketing company to provide quick and cost-efficient results with higher accountability and effective communication.

By hiring a local company, you can keep track of your results and can make changes from time to time as you need.