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How to add custom email to iPhone, Samsung, outlook, PC or Mac

Not only does a custom email address make you look professional, but it also helps establish your business. In this article, we will discuss how to add a custom email to your phone or computer. Before we begin, please make sure you know the email settings for your account such as incoming or outgoing mail server. You should look them up if you don’t know them, or contact your email hosting provider. 

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How to add custom email to iPhone?

  1. To Settings > Mail, then tap Accounts.
  2. Tap Add Account, tap other, and then tap Add Mail Account.
  3. Enter your name, email address, password, and a description of your account. 
  4. Click the NEXT button. Mail will attempt to locate email settings and complete the configuration of your account.
  5. Tap Next, then choose IMAP or POP. Contact your email provider if you aren’t sure which one to pick.  
  6. Enter the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server records.
  7. Tap the Next button.
  8. Click Save to finish. If the email settings are incorrect, you’ll be asked to edit them. 

How to add custom email to Samsung?

Verify the authentication form of the server and the port number for incoming and outgoing messages through the internet service provider. This information is shared online by most providers. 

  1. From your home screen or the app drawer, open the Email app. It is an umbrella over the top of it with a red “@” 
  2. Click the button on the menu. In the upper left corner, it appears like “☰”. 
  3. Tap on Account Management.
  4. Click on the add button, a plus sign on the upper right corner of your screen, next to the garbage can.
  5. Enter your email address here “enter the sign-in details box.
  6. Enter your password.
  7. Select IMAP for the server type.
  8. Enter your settings for the incoming server.
  9. Click next at the bottom of the incoming settings screen.
  10. Enter the settings for the outgoing server.
  11. Click next at the bottom of the outgoing settings screen.
  12. Click done at the bottom of the screen.       

Useful Information

  • IMAP server usually appears in this format: something.somedomain.com/org/net et al. Get this information from your internet service provider.
  • The security type refers to a type of data encryption your internet service provider uses. Now again your internet service providers has this information.
  • Data, email messages are located at port. Ports are denoted as numbers and, again, the internet service provider will tell you which ports to use.SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol and is the server for outgoing messages. It usually takes the form of smtp.somedomain.com/net/org et al. Your internet service provider will have this information as well.
  • The security type refers to the type of data encryption your internet service provider uses. Again, your internet service provider has this information.
  • The port number is the location from which messages are transmitted. Internet service provider can give you this information.

How to add custom email to Outlook?

  1. Open Microsoft outlook and click on the option Tools.
  2. Click Add Account
  3. Select the + icon on the lower corner.
  4. Enter your username, and then click continue.
  5. Now wait for the Microsoft outlook to detect your provider type.
  6. Enter your information to the email.

7. Choose IMAP or POP.

8. Add your information.

9. Select Always trust “certificate name” and click Continue.

10. Email account should now be added.

How to add custom email to MAC?

If you haven’t already set up an email address with Mail, when you open the program, you might be asked to add one. Take these steps if you are not asked, or you just want to add another account: 

  1. Select Mail > Add Account from the menu bar in Mail. 
  2. Select Others, then press Proceed.
  3. Enter your account information, such as your name, email address, and password, follow the onscreen directions. Please contact your email provider for assistance if you are not sure what data to enter.

It’s valuable for you to have a professional-looking email when you’re running your own business. If you don’t have one set up already, please contact us to see how we can help you.